Supercharging Sunderland: new jobs, training and homes and power back in local hands.

The Levelling Up Fund

Sunderland was awarded £20 million from the Levelling Up Fund. The aim: to create the green, high-skilled, high-wage economy of tomorrow. It’s already supporting one of the North East’s most ambitious new developments – with over 1,000 new energy-efficient homes at the new Vaux neighbourhood at Riverside Sunderland. And with renewable energy and smart technology in every home, we’re training the next generation of construction workers and scientists as they build.  

More money is only part of the answer. Central Government is handing more power back to the local area. This means your local council will decide how money is spent to boost skills, improve transport and build more affordable homes through the North East devolution deal. If locals vote for the deal, it will provide £1.4 billion to drive economic growth and to regenerate our high streets and town centres.

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Find out more about Sunderland’s £20 million allocation from round one of the Levelling Up Fund.

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