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Levelling Up is here, breathing new life into businesses all over the South West.

The UK Government is investing £1.1 billion in Levelling Up projects for local people and businesses across the South West.

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A portal of possibilities – Appledore Maritime Innovation Centre

The UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund is supporting innovation in the South West, attracting investment to the region and helping the local economy grow. A £15.6 million investment will establish Torridge and North Devon as a global-leading research and development destination for innovation in clean maritime technology, including sustainable shipbuilding. It will support industries through the creation of the Appledore Clean Maritime Innovation Centre.

Opening more doors for more businesses – Cornwall & Isles of Scilly UK Shared Prosperity Fund

The Government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund is boosting productivity, raising living standards and helping to spread opportunities across local communities. A portion of the £132 million fund has been allocated to projects such as the Liskeard Library and the Cattle Market. This will help provide new workspaces for businesses in the region.

Connecting the South West to the world  – Plymouth and South Devon Freeport

Freeports are special areas within the UK’s borders where different economic regulations apply, such as tax benefits and customs incentives. The Plymouth and South Devon Freeport is a fantastic place for businesses to grow and develop new trade opportunities and create jobs, supercharging the region as a world-leading hub for marine, defence and space industries.

The best hires to take your business higher – Strategic Development Fund

Government investment is helping colleges across the South West to partner with local businesses to help train their teams, maintain a skilled workforce and expand. The training received means that businesses can ensure a steady stream of talented individuals with the relevant skills for their workforce. To date, the Institute has provided professional training to over 3,000 individuals to help grow the local economy.

Find news, information and advice from the government on starting or growing your business in the South West.

Find out how some of the UK Government’s investment programmes, including the Levelling Up Fund and Community Ownership Fund, have been supporting projects across the South West.

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