Yorkshire & The Humber

Levelling Up is here, breathing new life into businesses all over Yorkshire & The Humber.

The UK Government is investing over £2 billion in Levelling Up projects for local people and businesses across Yorkshire & The Humber.

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The first port of call for businesses – Humber Freeport

Freeports are special areas within the UK’s borders where different economic regulations apply, such as tax benefits and customs incentives. Humber Freeport is a fantastic place for businesses to invest, create new jobs and opportunities, and will accelerate the region as a world-leading hub for renewable energy, digital innovation and advanced manufacturing.

Yorkshire is in the zone – Investment Zones in West and South Yorkshire

Investment Zones aim to develop clusters, produce specialised areas of growth across the country, increase innovation capacity and attract investment. As springboards for innovation, Yorkshire’s Investment Zones are promoting growth from the heart of the UK, backed by significant funding support to help bridge barriers, unlock opportunities and supercharge the economy.

Keeping businesses moving – Morley Town Deal 

Town Deals across Yorkshire include a range of initiatives to better connect businesses across the region.

The Morley Town Deal will help to enhance accessibility throughout the town and its broader surroundings. This includes the improvement of pedestrian and cycle routes in the area, and access to the station

Ushering in new talent for local businesses – UK Shared Prosperity Funds

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund is boosting productivity, raising living standards and helping to spread opportunities across local communities.

A portion of Yorkshire’s £130m funding allocation is helping to improve skills through training initiatives and support for employment and education, including the Decarbonising Hull Innovation Pump Primer, a series of events showing businesses that sustainability can be profitable.

Find news, information and advice from the government on starting or growing your business in Yorkshire & The Humber.

Find out how some of the UK Government’s investment programmes, including the Levelling Up Fund and Community Ownership Fund, have been supporting projects across Yorkshire.

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